Game and skills analysis Ruwen Filus (Germany)

The following observations are of course my personal view and do not claim to be the “truth”!

Here comes Ruwen Filus (Germany):

Another great match against Ovtcharov. Being able to occasionally chop back slow spinny topspins down his forehand with the long pimples would have made the difference in my opinion.

Superb match:



  • Good footwork and physical fitness
  • Good forehand topspin against chop and counter topspin
  • Good blocking with long pimples against slow topspins or blocks of opponent
  • Good use of pimples-in when taking serves
  • Good backhand topspin on pushes
  • Good backhand serves


  • defense with backhand often comes back too high or too long (this improved recently, that why I edited the video from the Polish Open 2012)
  • not enough backspin in backhand defense due to wrong pimples (my personal view)
  • is often too far behind the table thus giving the opponent too much time to get into position for next topspin or smash
  • on topspin into his forehand he is rarely defending, but also not counterattacking or counterspinning in a dangerous manner but just slow blocking the ball back thus risking getting “hammered” by next topspin or smash
  • weakness when confronted with a topspin into his body, particularely from left handers.
  • forehand push on tricky serves fails too often
  • forehand push has not enough backspin to force the opponent to “lift” his topspin up rather than “hammering” it.


  • He should practice more defending with the forehand (also occasionally with long pimples)
  • forehand push or chop needs to have more backspin
  • should concentrate more on consistently defending with heavy chop on the backhand rather than trying to block so much with the pimples. Better players are not vulnerable to this anyway.
  • using the pimples-in on the backhand when pushing should produce better placed pushes with much more backspin in order to prevent too fast topspins from the opponent.
  • when trying to block a topspin he should consider using the pimples-in and try to smash block (mostly down the line, when playing right handers).

One thought on “Game and skills analysis Ruwen Filus (Germany)”

  1. I totally agree with you about his backhand! I think feint III gives him great control and the chance to block, attack, cut at the table and vary the spin in many ways, and he’s probably the best user of this rubber in the world, but it’s clear that at the highest levels his chops become too uneffective with that because their lack of heavy spin/deceptive abilities

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