Game and skills analysis Irene Ivancan (Germany)

The following observations are of course my personal view and do not claim to be the “truth”!

Here comes Irene Ivancan (Germany):


  • very versatile style and strokes, very complete player thus very unpredictable for her opponents
  • good forehand topspin, also able to counter topspin with the forehand, which is not very common yet amongst female defenders
  • great variety of serves, also with the forehand which is also not very common yet amongst female defenders
  • because of short pimples used on the backhand she can produce very different spin on pushing and chopping
  • short pimples also allow her to block or smash with the backhand
  • choppy forehand push


  • often wants to get in with the forehand big and fast top spin on a push ball from the opponent which is not always necessary, sometimes a slow spinny topspin can be more effective.
  • overuses occasionally the backhand sidespin push parallel into the forehand (of a right hander or backhand of lefthander as in video above) thus being bad positioned for a solid forehand topspin or having to make more collateral movements than necessary
  • often pushing with the backhand from the forehand side without real need to do so.
  • has problems returning the ball low and choppy on fast and spinny serves into her forehand thus preventing the opponent from getting in with winner topspins.
  • has problems returning topspins into her body especially from left hander that use sidespin so that the topspin is turning akwardly into the body.


  • should pratice better return on serves into her forehand
  • should use the short pimples more often to smash or attack high pushes from the opponent
  • should try to push more often with forehand from her forehand side or topspin from there straight away rather than using the backhand to push
  • Could use a counter topspin with forehand from far behind the table with a lot of side spin as a variation to constantly topspinning against consistant blockers.