Game and skills analysis Wu Yang (China)

The following observations are of course my personal view and do not claim to be the “truth”!

Here comes Wu Yang (China):



  • Good solid forehand defence
  • akward sidespin push with backhand offering the opportunity to get in with a big forehand topspin.
  • occasionally producing a great variety of backspin and float when defending with short pimples.


  • backhand defending with short pimples often is too high, especially on very short and spinny topspins thus giving the opponent the opportunity to smash the winner.
  • mainly serving with the backhand, no great variety of forehand serves.
  • is often too far behind the table thus having to move back and forth too long ways (gets exhausting on long tournaments).
  • is defending with the backhand mostly into the middle of the table thus not forcing the opponent to move a lot and making is so more awkward to spin all the time.
  • when close to the table and confronted with a rapid topspin backhand defending with short pimples is very difficult mostly bringing back the ball too high.
  • not using a lot of opportunities to block or smash slow and high tospins into her backhand
  • not counterspinning occasionally topspins into her forehand


  • should practice a variety of forehand serves
  • should practice counter topspins with the forehand also with heavy side spin à la Hou Yingchao
  • should practice smashing and blocking with short pimples on backhand on high pushes and high blocks into her backhand
  • should practive to defend with the backhand also into extreme angels, parallel into the backhand and forehand of the opponent rather than into the middle part of the table.