Game and skills analysis Jang Song Man (North Corea)

The following observations are of course my personal view and do not claim to be the “truth”!

Here comes Jang Song Man  (North Corea)


  • great phyiscal fitness and footwork
  • very, very consistent and patient defending as one can see also in this not very interesting but convincing video:
  • good forehand topspin on pushes
  • good surprising blocks or smashes with his backhand on slow topspins or high pushes
  • good length of defense balls into the rear third of the table


  • counter topspin on topspin into his forehand is too undynamic
  • short (or medium length) pimples on his backhand make him put back topspin too high or too long when too close to the table
  • forehand push is not choppy enough thus giving the opponent the opportunity to get in with first big loop
  • not a great variety in serves on both backhand and forehand


  • practice serve variations on both forehand and backhand
  • try to get more power on counter topspin with forehand
  • try to get heavier backspin when forced to push back ball with forehand

3 thoughts on “Game and skills analysis Jang Song Man (North Corea)”

  1. I was told that Jang Song Man – great defender – is now using long pimple rubber (feint soft 1,5mm) with Joo blade and Tenergy 64 (1,9mm). His backhand chops are very consistant, as I saw him winning against Christian Suss. But now,he can’t attack as well as he used to with his short Pips (Friendship 802)…

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  2. Ch4rlus is right about the materials, and recently he changedo the blade from Defence II to Joo se Hyuk. I think it’s to give the forehand more power like you suggested 😉
    He’s absolutely my favourite for his dinamic movement and his steady backand chop, too bad you can’t find too many videos about him and his matches… Recently he had a great performance at WTTC in Dortmund, beating many strong players. He improvedin the world ranking from about the 88th position to the 55th 🙂

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