Game and skills analysis Li Jie (Netherlands)

The following observations are of course my personal view and do not claim to be the “truth”!

Here comes Li Jie (The Netherlands):


  • consistent defending and pushing on backhand
  • the forehand sidespin defense rotating into the backhand of the opponent can be a good weapon when not overused
  • good backhand serves
  • good aggressive pushes with backhand into various places on table side of opponent
  • fast forehand topspin or smash


  • physically not fit enough for standing up against top level players, needs to practice more footwork
  • forehand topspin always fast (rather a smash than a topspin) and such not usable against choppy pushes.
  • When smashing and the ball comes back slowly she rarely follows up by another smash but just playes the ball back to avoid the error. At high level standard of play you have to take the risk of finishing these ones off.
  • backhand to predictable, since the ball is always pushed back on a push from the opponent
  • both backhand and forehand defence goes up to high when there is really much topspin on the ball
  • no forehand serve variations
  • “hopping” to much between the rallies without need, thus slowing down the reaction time when confronted with a tricky shot
  • very vulnerable towards fast topspins into her body


  • should absolutely practice forehand topspin with heavy spin so that she could also attack pushes that come back to her with heavy underspin (as a reply to her own choppy defence)
  • should practice forehand serve variations
  • should try to attack (very slowly) with long pimples on slow, or if playing short pimples smash high pushes into her backhand as a variation to always simply pushing the ball back
  • should try to twiddle and use the rubber in side to aggressively push back pushes into her backhand
  • should learn to occasionally use the pimples on the forehand to return topspins into her forehand that come slow and loaded with spin. Once you really get a ball back like this nearly no female players will be able to spin it up again or push it far over the table
  • should try to take spinny tospins much lower than she currently does in order to ensure that she return the ball much lower.
  • also learning to counter topspin occasionally at topspins played into her forehand would help

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  1. ◦should try to attack (very slowly) with long pimples on slow and high pushes. REMARK: li jie doesn,t play with long pimples. she plays short pimples (ritc 802) on her backhand.

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