Game and skills analysis Johanna Parker (England)

The following observations are of course my personal view and do not claim to be the “truth”!

Here comes Johanna Parker (England):


  • good consistant defending on both back and forehand
  • good physical fitness and footwork
  • good occasional surprising smash with backhand anti-topspin rubber (I suppose)
  • good forehand smashing on high pushes


  • Forehand: No variety of forehand serves, no forehand countertopspin, but what is worse: no topspin on long pushes into her forehand
  • Backhand: Not to twiddle and occasionally putting heavy chop with the sticky rubber is a disadvantage and makes pushes and defense balls coming back from her too predictable
  • Both backhand and forehand serves could be improved and get more versatile.
  • too often taking the ball with the backhand side from her forehand side corner, often without need and also thus preventing a topspin or smash with her forehand
  • during the rally she is “hopping/wipping” without any need thus occasionally preventing herself from reacting quickly when in the “wrong” position of the “hop”


  • First things first: She absolutely needs to practice heavy forehand topspins on long and choppy pushes down her forehand. If the opponent can rely on her not attacking when playing pushes the opponent gets more and more confident and relaxed being able to pick and chose the right moment for attacking.
  • Diversify serves! Both on backhand an forehand with both antitop and pimples in. Rubber inside serves should be short, choppy or with heavy side or topspin. Antitop serves should be fast, long, surprising and into different corners of the table.
  • Twiddle the bat in order to confuse the opponent about the underspin in your chop!
  • Maybe try to practice countertopspins with the forehand from far behind the table with a lot of sidespin.
  • Maybe consider changing from antitop rubber to more dangerous long pimples. Antitop, even the modern ones, are a bit “old school” (if I dare say so) and one can not really get to the top of the ITTF ranking with this material. The choice of long pimples you can adapt to when having played with antispin for a long time is much greater nowadays than it was by the time Joanna did decide to go with antispin.

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  1. Are you sure she uses antispin? I thought it was 1.7mm Tenergy on both sides. Great site by the way. I enjoy reading your comments.

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