Game and skills analysis Xian Yi Fang (France):

The following observations are of course my personal view and do not claim to be the “truth”!

Here comes Xian Yi Fang (France):


  • good overall physical fitness
  • very good and choppy back hand defense. Apparently she uses one of the more dangerous long pimples.
  • good forehand smash against high pushes or high and less spinny topspins
  • very versatile style: She is the only female player I have seen so far that uses the pimples on the forehand to aggressively push the ball down the line long into the backhand of the attacker. She also uses pimples in to push from her backhand occasionally
  • very versatile use of the pimples: Pushing aggressively serves into her forehand all over the table of the opponent. Also lifting up pushes with the pimples (rarely done by female defenders to my knowledge).
  • good backhand serves


  • footwork when going back and forth could still improve a bit. Occasionally she is not getting quickly enough back from the table in order to defend the ball low from her backhand side.
  • often putting back the ball too high when defending spinny topspins into her forehand
  • often putting back the ball too high when taking serves into her forehand
  • forehand push / chop often has not enough backspin
  • forehand defending is still “female” style: Going round the ball instead of chopping into it.
  • nearly no forehand serves (I have not seen any)
  • Forehand topspin against pushes is not often used and is not spinny enough
  • a counter topspin with the forehand from far behind the table is missing


  • improve footwork especially when defending with the backhand
  • Practive tricky and deceptive forehand serves
  • attack more often with a forehand topspin
  • use long pimples on the forehand to defend heavily loaded topspins
  • take tricky serves into her forehand more often with long pimples in different variations (aggressive pushes down the line into the backhand or long choppy pushes wide into the forehand)
  • learn to heavily chop with the forehand and then practive deceptive “floats” as a variation