Game and skills analysis Evgueni CHTCHETININE (Belarus)

The following observations are of course my personal view and do not claim to be the “truth”!

Here comes CHTCHETININE Evgueni (Belarus):


  • good footwork
  • very good and consistent backhand defense. Lately also with choppier pimples than he used to play.
  • good and choppy defense on the forehand sometimes with awkward and unusual sidespin
  • very good and consistent pushing on both side and with heavy backspin on the forehand
  • good twiddling of the bat when pushing a lot thus making it difficult for the attacker to get down to his backhand with fast topspins.


  • no great attacking skills
  • forehand topspin very rarely a winner, not enough speed and/or spin
  • no forehand countertopspin, thus being an “old school” defender and very unlikely to surprise by attacks or strange strokes.
  • backhand defense only, no surprise possible for the attacker when playing down the backhand all the time
  • no great variety of serves, nearly no winner serves
  • no defense with long pimples on the forehand when confronted with heavy slow topspins.


  • practice more dangerous serves
  • practice counterspinning with the forehand
  • practice occasionally blocking with the long pimples on the backhand
  • practice defending with long pimples on the forehand