Game and skills analysis Fan Ying (China)

The following observations are of course my personal view and do not claim to be the “truth”!

Here comes Fan Ying (China):


  • good footwork
  • very good fast and/or spinny forehand topspin
  • good backhand and forehand defense
  • consistent pushing capabilities with the long pimples


  • no particularly sophisticated and dangerous serves
  • forehand defense often comes back to high or long due to taking the ball too early or too high. To be fair one must admit that rare female players can hit topspins so hard and fast as Vacenovska showed here.
  • often returns block balls into her back hand to high and gets punished by smashes.


  • practice defending with the forehand taking the ball lower or later
  • practice defending deceptive “floats” with here forehand. Ball should be returned fast, low and with nearly no backspin.
  • occasionally use the long pimples when defending slow spinny topspins down into her forehand
  • absolutely use pimples in occasionally to hard chop back pushes down her backhand
  • practice counterspinning slow topspins into her forehand with heavy side spin
  • should practice a greater variety of serves particularly shorter ones with various spin.

One thought on “Game and skills analysis Fan Ying (China)”

  1. She has short pimples on the backhand. You can tell by the speed of the rally when warming up, and the way she pushes with her backhand. She’s also able to spin/float with the pips, but her forehand chop is way too “honest” (a literal translation of the Chinese term), in that it is too simple and easy to tell (i) whether she’s chopping or counter-attacking, (ii) the speed of the returning chop (Kim Kyung Ah is able to chop with speed+no spin, no speed + spin, spin and speed, and neither), and the rhythm of the chop.. But her attack makes up for many of the flaws since it distracts the opponent.

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