Game and skills analysis Adam Pattantyus (Hungary)

The following observations are of course my personal view and do not claim to be the “truth”!

Here comes Adam Pattantyus (Hungary):


  • good backhand defence
  • good footwork
  • good forehand defence with occasional use of long pimples
  • good choppy forehand push
  • very good forehand topspin against backspin pushes
  • great variety of good forehand serves often getting him an advantage to get in with a big forehand topspin.
  • good twiddling of the bat when pushing on the backhand


  • Counter forehand topspin to weak and inconsistant
  • cannot smash or kill the ball with the forehand in a very consistant manner
  • backhand defence on slow and spinny topspins goes up too high too often
  • no great variety of backhand serves
  • has sometimes problems returning topspins played into his body.
  • no means of killing off blocked balls when he attacks
  • has problems returning serves with no spin into his backhand when using the pimples


  • should try to defend with the backhand taking the ball lower/later when confronted with heavy spin
  • should try to counterspin on the forehand with more sidespin if more consistancy is not feasible in fast counterspin rallies
  • should try to get greater variety in backhand serves
  • should practice taking topspins into his body mostly with the backhand (long pimples)