Game and skills analysis Thomas Mikutis (Lithuania)

The following observations are of course my personal view and do not claim to be the “truth”!

Here comes Thomas Mikutis (Lithuania):


  • Good footwork
  • Very versatile playing style, defending and attacking with all material on both sides.
  • heavy forehand chop with pimples in
  • Good backhand topspin on chop
  • good backhand block on first topspin of opponent


  • Pimples don’t seem “choppy” enough to me. Backhand defense should have more back spin.
  • Serves with backhand too long and not versatile enough
  • often goes back too early and too far from the table thus giving away chances for attacking
  • always defending with heavy chop on forehand


  • get greater variety of serves
  • practise counter topspinning with forehand against topspins into his forehand also with heavy side spin
  • try to defend with occasional “floats” on forehand side to break rhythm of attacker
  • should occasionally defend with long pimples on slow and heavily loaded topspins into his forehand