Game and skills analysis Lin Ju (Dominican Republic)

The following observations are of course my personal view and do not claim to be the “truth”!

Here comes LIN Ju (Dominican Republic):


  • very good and very choppy backhand defence due to using his wrist in an optimal manner too chop down the ball.
  • versatile playing style with good mixture of attacking and defending variations
  • good forehand topspin and sometimes astonishing sidespin topspins as in the video above against Apolonia at the Olympic Games 2008
  • very good simple style looking but very deceptive serves, sometimes with heavy backspin and sometimes with no spin but almost looking the same for the opponent.


  • sometimes a bit unpatient and attacking too early or to hastily thus creating unforced errors
  • has gone a bit slow while playing in France (maybe not the right diet there for Asians :-))
  • nearly never defending from his forehand side, which makes him too predictable and also vulnerable to slow and spinny topspins which he often returns too high.
  • is not agile enough, f.e. not bending his legs enough when defending with backhand or counterattacking with forehand topspins (standing too upright).


  • keep up or improve general physical fitness
  • use backhand serve variations to increase inpredictability
  • defend occasionally with forehand when it makes sense