Game and skills analysis Liu Kai (Poland)

The following observations are of course my personal view and do not claim to be the “truth”!

Here comes Liu Kai (Poland):


  • very good overall fitness and good footwork
  • quite choppy and consistent backhand defence
  • good forehand topspin on pushes
  • good return on serves with his backhand usually with long pimples
  • good occasional deceptive float when defending on his forehand side


  • forehand countertopspin too inconsistent
  • forehand defense still often too high
  • never using long pimples to defend with forehand
  • not showing a great variety of serves
  • not using the full potential of the long pips for “messing up” the game such as aggressively pushing the ball on serves or pushes from the opponent


  • get greater variety of serves
  • practice forehand counter topspinning also with lots of sidespin
  • practive flipping to pushing the ball aggressively with the long pips in order to make it more difficult for the opponent to get in with a first rocket topspin
  • (okay you can’t be an “as” in every regard, that’s true) but maybe try backhand blocking with pips in occasionally or backhand topspins against pushes to get more unpredictable.