Game and skills analysis Yang Wang (Slovakia)

The following observations are of course my personal view and do not claim to be the “truth”!

Here comes Yang Wang (Slovakia):

I still think he would be much better of with long pips or short pips like Hou Yingchao has ….



  • incredible fast footwork. Highest speed I have seen so far.
  • good forehand counter topspin
  • very good reflexes


  • backhand defence often to high and not spinny enough (using the wrong pimples in my view)
  • forehand defence to inconsistent and predictively too high on slow and very spinny topspins down his forehand
  • generally not using the wrist enough to compensate the spin when chopping
  • forehand defensive stroke is going rather “round” the ball instead of chopping it straight in an upward townward movement.
  • not using long pimples on forehand when defending on slow spinny topspins
  • return on serve to inconsistent on both sides and not choppy enough with forehand rubber inside so that he often gets punishes by first rocket topspin from the opponent.


  • definitively get other pimples that are able to return backhand chops lower, faster and with much more backspin (there are 4 or 5 on the market to my knowledge)
  • practice return on serve in order to return it with heavy backspin from forehand side
  • practice occasionally using long pimples to return slow spinny topspins into his forehand.
  • practive more and more consistently counterspinning topspins into his forehand. Try heavy sidepsin one à la Lin Ju or Hou Yingchao as a variation.

One thought on “Game and skills analysis Yang Wang (Slovakia)”

  1. Thank you for adding this graet player,… I think, in future he will raise in worldranking more and more,…
    As far as I know, he is using short pimples (same as Muramatsu). Do you think with long pimples his play would be more efffective? Maybe this could be an explanation you analyzed, that the “backhand defence is often to high or not spinny” enough ???

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