Game and skills analysis LI Kewei (Republic of Malta)

The following observations are of course my personal view and do not claim to be the “truth”!

Here comes LI Kewei (Republic of Malta):



  • good footwork
  • good backhand defence
  • good forehand topspin


  • not a great variety of serves (most of them seem irregular to me because the ball is hit behind the body)
  • forehand counter topspin too inconsistent
  • forehand topspin on pushes could be more dynamic
  • forehand pushes should have more backspin
  • return of serve often too high or long
  • own serve is often too long, making it too easy for the attacker to topspin immediately
  • push with the pimples is too easy to topspin with a lot of speed


  • push with pimples in on backhand more often
  • practice greater variety of serves, especially backhand
  • practice counter topspins with forehand
  • consider changing pimples to brand that doesn’t let the ball bounce up too high when pushing the ball