Retired Masters: Koji Matsushita (Japan)

Here comes Koji Matsushita (Japan):

In the category of “Retired Masters” I don’t do any analysis. I admit that I best like his “pirouettes” when backhand defending. I added them just for the record. Simply enjoy some of the videos:




2 thoughts on “Retired Masters: Koji Matsushita (Japan)”

    1. Hi Erico, Thanks for your input, but in order to not put “loads” of videos on this blog I wanted to limit myself to high quality videos and no teaching videos except the one on the first page that illustrates the goal of this blog. Tabletennis balls are already hard to see on the internet so I would like to limit the videos technically on high resolution videos (with the exception of no better being available with a player). Also I would like to limit the illustrating videos on “cut” videos, so that you just see the good rallies and not get bored by watching 20-60 min videos with a lot of unforced errors. I hope for everybody’s comprehension for this.

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