Game and skills analysis Hu Limei (China)

The following observations are of course my personal view and do not claim to be the “truth”!

Here comes Hu Limei (China):


  • very consistent, low and often quite choppy back hand defending
  • consistent forehand defending
  • good counter blocks and loops with forehand
  • very good footwork
  • good variety of forehand serves, not yet widespread among female defenders so far
  • nice change in placement of forehand pushes and backhand defending making it difficult for the attacker to surprise her with fast topspins


  • forehand often goes up to high even though being very consistent
  • return on serve on forehand often bounces back too high, immediately being punished by a big smash (this is admittingly one of the most difficult balls to play for defenders)
  • attacks to seldom with forehand on long pushes into her forehand, thus making the attacker feel more comfortable or unvulnerable.
  • more weakness may be visible against other playsers. Is hard to say with only one match to see.


  • should try to occasionally defend with long pimples on forehand when facing slow and spinny topspins in order to prevent ball bouncing back to high or with too few backspin.
  • should attack earlier with forehand on repeated pushes down her forehand.
  • should use greater variety of backhand serves.
  • should occasionally try to “float” the ball back when defending with the forehand thus making here backspin more unpredictable.