Game and skills analysis Seo Hyo Won (South Korea)

The following observations are of course my personal view and do not claim to be the “truth”!

Here comes Seo Hyo Won (South Korea): She has improved quite a lot in the time between the Videos!

Great female table tennis: Probably one of her best matches ever




  • Very good footwork
  • very good Placement of pushes and chops, forcing the oppoent to constantly move left and right to Topspin. A good way of “wearing down” the opponents energy.
  • very good backhand serves with a lot of varieties
  • very good consistent defending on the backhand
  • good blocking or countersmashing techniques on the Forehand side
  • generally very versatile and unpredictable playing style combining defending and attacking moments in nearly ideal manner
  • very good Forehand countertopspin with quite some surprise potential for the opponent


  • not showing a lot of Forehand serves so far.
  • Forehand defence occasionally bounce back too high when confronted with slow, short and heavily “loaded” Topspins
  • not using the short (???) pimples very often to block or Smash a push or block ball when she has the opportunity to do so.


  • practice a greater variety of Forehand serves
  • practice defending deceptive “floats” on Forehand side when confronted with slow and spinny Topspins or use the pimples on the Forehand to defend.
  • practice smashing high pushes down her backhand with the pimples.