Game and skills analysis Tetjana Bilenko (Ukraine)

The following observations are of course my personal view and do not claim to be the “truth”!

Here comes Tetjana Bilenko (Ukraine):


  • good but not tremdous footwork
  • consistent defending with both forehand and backhand
  • very choppy pushes on both sides making it difficult for opponent to come in with fast topspins
  • good variety of unexpected and unusual forehand serves with different side and backspin normally into backhand side of opponent


  • not counterattacking with forehand topspins often enough
  • she is using pimples in on both sides with the disadvantage of being very vulnerable to short, slow but heavily “loaded” topspins
  • missing the backhand smashes quite often against slow and high topspins into her backhand right after her serve
  • taking heavy, slow topspins into her forehand too early/too high thus retrieving the ball too high or right off the table.


  • overall physical fitness could improve still a bit
  • pratice taking the ball lower when confronted with slow and loaded topspins
  • Consider using long pimps to overcome weakness of pips in or short pips
  • practice greater variety of forehand serves