Game and skills analysis Kentaro Miuchi (Japan)

The following observations are of course my personal view and do not claim to be the “truth”!

Here comes Kentaro Miuchi (Japan):


  • very good footwork
  • very good and dynamic forehand topspin against pushes
  • good backhand defending
  • very consistent forehand counter topspin
  • good forehand serves
  • nice use of long pimples on forehand defending
  • nice occasional twiddling of bat using backhand with pimples in to push with heavy backspin
  • nice backhand topspin with pimples in on pushes


  • forehand push not very consistent
  • forehand defending with pimples in rather inconsistent
  • return on serves from forehand side often too high
  • backhand defending sometimes too high


  • practice greater variety of backhand serves
  • forehand defending should be more consistent with pimples in
  • forehand push should be more pricely placed all over the table and be more consistent.