Game and skills analysis Ri Myong Sun (Korea)

The following observations are of course my personal view and do not claim to be the “truth”!

Here comes Ri Myong Sun (Korea):


  • very good footwork
  • consistent backhand and forehand chopping
  • backhand pimples seem to generate heavy backspin on loaded topspins
  • good and consistent forehand topspin though not often very fast
  • very good forehand smash
  • very good backhand serves with a lot of varieties
  • nice changing of sides when placing pushes and chops making the opponent move round the table all the time.


  • forehand chop occasionally going up too high
  • forehand chop is choppy always, so very predictable
  • she tends to push with the backup also too much from the forehand side such preventing herself from using forehand topspins or smashes to put pressure on the opponent
  • not using the pimples very often to block and flip a push ball in order to break the rhythm of the attacker.


  • get greater variety of forehand serves
  • try to get in with forehand topspins a little faster trying to win the point directy
  • absolutely try to use the long pimples on the forehand when confronted with slow and spinny forehand topspins
  • practice awkward flips/lifts with the pimples when attacker pushes ball back too often.
  • practice counterspinning slow topspins into her forehand ideally with a lot of sidespin in order to break rhythm of attacker.
  • practice “float” defending with forehand making the attacker unsure whether the chop that comes back has much or no backspin at all.