Game and skills analysis Polina MIKHAYLOVA (Russia)

The following observations are of course my personal view and do not claim to be the “truth”!

Here comes Polina MIKHAYLOVA (Russia):


  • Very good footwork
  • Very dynamic forehand topspin
  • good forehand smash especially on higher pushes
  • Very versatile playing style combining defending, forehand topspin, backhand smash and a various forehand and backhand serves.


  • Unfortunately a great variety in strokes also often leads to less consistency in each of the styles which is the case here. At least the defence chops on both sides should be more consistent
  • Uses the forehand smash against topspins into her forehand too often and missing too much of them
  • backhand defence often has too few backspin making it too easy for the opponent to accelerate following topspins
  • tends to serve long most of the time.
  • forehand defence often does not have enough chop to prevent opponent from forcing point with next fast topspin.


  • should try to use forehand countertopspin as an alternative to forehand smash or forehand chop
  • should consider taking long pips (I suppose she has short or medium long pips) in order to get heavier backspin on the ball and more different spin when pushing
  • should consider using short serves with a great variety of spin.

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