Game and skills analysis SHIONO Masato (Japan)

The following observations are of course my personal view and do not claim to be the “truth”!

Here comes SHIONO Masato (Japan):

This is really as good as it gets!!!

An important update due to his phantastic wins in the Japan Open 2013:






nice and intense double:


  • very good footwork, very fast and good overall fitness
  • occasionally nice heavy chop on backhand defense.
  • consistent though not always “deadly” forehand topspin, solid but occasionally not fast enough
  • consistent blocking and counterspinning on his forehand, sometimes a little slowish
  • good backhand serves
  • good deceptive twiddling of the bat, occasionally using (presumably short) pips on the forehand to defend on heavy loaded topspins


  • is not using wrist enough to get more spin and power to topspin and chop
  • not great variety of forehand serves
  • very rare backhand blocking or topspins


  • should use the pips more often to unexpectately block the ball
  • should practice more forehand serves
  • should try to use more wrist when pushing or chopping the ball