Game and skills analysis Ma Te (China)

The following observations are of course my personal view and do not claim to be the “truth”!

Here comes Game and skills analysis Ma Te (China):

Great match! I can not recall Xu Xin having ever lost to a defender! As I try to categorize defenders in users of long and short pips I would be grateful if anybody comes up with a reliable (!) information on what pips Ma Te uses. There are a lot of rumours out there. Some say short pips (I doubt it!) some say TSP Curl P-R1 (possible but unlikely). It might be in between and medium long.


  • very versatile playing style, one of the rare defenders using the long pips on forehand to defend on short very spinny topspins into his forehand, a dangerous weapon.
  • good footwork
  • good Forehand Topspin on pushes and good Counter topspinning
  • consistent backhand chop (short pips as far as I can see)
  • nice use of the different Rubbers to push, block and Topspin with both sides
  • good backhand Topspin on pushes


  • occasionally the shot pips return fast Topspins too high
  • variety of serves could still increase a bit
  • footwork could still improve a bit (but he is still Junior, so that normal)
  • Forehand defense is rather going “round” the ball putting it back too high instead of chopping it upside down to Keep it low and with much backspin. So


  • practice Forehand chopping the ball back low and with more backspin
  • practice “Floating” backhand defence balls back in order to avoid a high defence that easily gets punished
  • practice more versatile serves