Game and skills analysis Jian Fei Sun (Canada)

The following observations are of course my personal view and do not claim to be the “truth”!

Here comes Jian Fei Sun (Canada):



  • Good and very versatile use of the long pimples. Also using them on the forehand to push-chop on the table thus confusing and putting pressure on the attacker.
  • Very Good footwork
  • Very good forehand topspins with loads of spin and sidespin
  • can also play lefthanded if need is


  • Forehand serves do not show a great variety and seem to me to be on the edge of being correct: Look like he hits the ball behind the body (as a lot of the pros unfortunately do without being corrected by the umpires)
  • backhand defence too inconsistent. He misses too many or puts them back too high.
  • Overuses the pimples on forehand side when taking serves.
  • Generally being a bit vulnerable to tricky forehand serves.


  • practice greater variety of serves, especially with backhand
  • get more consistence in defending with the backhand in the long distance defence
  • try to use rubber in more often with heavy chop on opponents serve