Game and skills analysis Ayuka Tanioka (Japan)

The following observations are of course my personal view and do not claim to be the “truth”!

Here comes Ayuka Tanioka (Japan):


  • Very choppy forehand pushes
  • good backhand serves
  • good awkward backhand sidespin push
  • occasionally heavy chop when backhand defending (looks like shot pips to me).


  • very much “old style” defending: too passive, pushing and chopping too much
  • no great and surprising attacking skills
  • forehand defending too inconsistent. She especially misses too many defence strokes when confronted with “lifted” topspins with little spin.
  • tries to attack often with backhand smashes with pimples out and misses too much of them


  • should work on attacking skills especially with forehand (topspins) on long pushes to her forehand.
  • when smashing with backhand she should aim at smashing down the forehand side of the opponent (when righthanded) rather than into the backhand where the ball is often returned easily.
  • should work on greater variety of serves especially with forehand. But also backhand serves are pretty much similar all the time.
  • should try to learn “float” defending on forehand side which is often more effective against good chinese players who can spin  a choppy defence ball up easily a couple of times.
  • should learn to counterspin slow and long topspins to her forehand in order to break the rhythm of the attacker.