Game and skills analysis ISHIGAKI Yuka (Japan)

The following observations are of course my personal view and do not claim to be the “truth”!

Here comes ISHIGAKI Yuka (Japan):

Since there is no high Quality Video available on Youtube I did not add more than this. If you find HD Video of interest please mail me.


  • it’s hard to tell how good her defence really is since the Opponent Hirano is mostly simply lifting up the ball rather than spinning it.
  • good forehand topspin though
  • good variety of backhand serves
  • good footwork (with still room to improvement)


  • has problems when confronted with “empty” (low spin) topspins
  • did not show great variety in serves.
  • Forehand chop goes “round the ball” instead of upside down which is disadvantageous when confronted with heavy topspin
  • Long pips don’t seem to be very choppy, this may be corrected by a better choice of rubber.


  • get generally more variety in serves and counter attacking
  • choose better pimples for backhand defending
  • try to defend lower with backhand and learn to defend with “chop” on forehand rather than going “round the ball”
  • twiddle bat to force errors on pushes with different backspin (look at Masato Shiono!)

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