Game and skills analysis CHOI Deokhwa (Korea):

The following observations are of course my personal view and do not claim to be the “truth”!

Here comes CHOI Deokhwa (Korea):


  • Good footwork
  • Very good forehand Topspin, also against defence.
  • Good backhand and forehand defence with long pimples
  • good twiddling of the bat
  • good variety of serves with both backhand and forehand


  • no surprising attacking with the backhand
  • often returning the ball too high from his backhand side
  • not bending his knees enough when having to return a “loaded” ball to his backhand (maybe he has Problems with his knees since he is apparently wearing tapes on both knees?)
  • forehand counter topspin too inconsistent
  • defense balls are too often returned down the middle of the table which makes it too easy for the opponent to carry on spinning and smashing
  • not agile enough when having to return a topspin into his body


  • practise placing the defence ball straight into different Corners of the opponent all the time to make him move around
  • practise defending consistently topspins played into his Body. Try either taking with forehand or getting better footwork to move quickly into Forehand and then defending with backhand side (see expert Masato Shiono!)
  • get even more versatile serves
  • practise lifting up the ball with long pimples from backside occasionally to break rhythm of attacker
  • practise backhand topspin (see Ruben Filus or Muramatsu)