Game and skills analysis Ganna Gaponova (Ukraine)

The following observations are of course my personal view and do not claim to be the “truth”!

Here comes Ganna Gaponova (Ukraine):


  • nice twiddling of the bat
  • good use of wrist when chopping or pushing the ball from forehand side (though she seems to have a rubber pimples-in that is not sticky enough)
  • good forehand smash against high pushes
  • nice pimples-lifting on pushes down her backhand
  • nice, short and choppy serves with backhand


  • footwork could be better. Has problems when ball is played fast down the middle or into extreme forehand
  • no forehand topspin
  • forehand blocking and smashing technique need reviewing (is not using forearm but arm only)
  • sometimes overdoing twiddling the bat: twice during two touches of the ball doesn’t make sense
  • problems controlling the return on tricky serves
  • maybe wrong choice of long pimples (they don’t seem to produce enough backspin when use in backhand defence)
  • has a tendancy to chop “round the ball” when confronted with slow but spinny topspins down her forehand
  • Show try to chop “through the ball” or float back slow and spinny topspins down her forehand


  • practice forehand topspin and use it more often
  • improve footwork
  • maybe chose different pimples and try to place defence ball nearer to the base line of the table (instead of middle of the table which makes it too easy for the opponent to get in with a big forehand topspin)