Game and skills analysis SATO Hitomi (JPN)

The following observations are of course my personal view and do not claim to be the “truth”! And just one video is not enough to tell the whole story.

Here comes SATO Hitomi (JPN):

Eventhough she lost 4:0 here, I can also see a lot of improvement in versatility: Twiddling of the bat, topspins with backhand, blocking with backhand with both rubbers etc. A bit downside is: Too much defending with backhand from forehand side and pushes are too short to put pressure on opponent.

She really improved a lot recently!


  • good footwork
  • good backhand serves
  • good backhand defending
  • good backhand smash with long pimples
  • occasionally nice twiddling of the bat
  • occasionally nice counter topspin with forehand (a bit slow though)


  • forehand defending too often to high
  • forehand push is a “security push”, not enough backspin on it.
  • is playing backhand pushes from forehand side too often without need thus preventing herself from attacking with forehand
  • forehand topspin too undynamic and too inconsistent
  • to much unforced errors especially on serves as shown in first set here.
  • not using the chances of attacking long pushes down here forehand


  • should practice to chop with forehand low in defending
  • should use wrist and  chop also pushes thus preventing opponent from getting in with fast forehand topspins
  • should practise greater variety of serves especially with forehand
  • should develop forehand blocking techniques or counterspinning techniques when confronted with fast topspins down her forehand
  • should learn to attack more often on passive balls down her forehand side
  • should learn to twiddle bat to make her pushes more unpredictable for the opponent
  • should try quick “roll in” serves with long pimples without forward spin (very surprising for most attackers)