Game and skills analysis Maria Dolgikh (Russia)

The following observations are of course my personal view and do not claim to be the “truth”!

Here comes Maria Dolgikh (Russia):


  • good footwork
  • nice twiddling of the bat when pushing and defending
  • nice placement of pushes and defensive balls into different corners of the table
  • consistent defending on backhand and most of the time on forhand
  • good forehand smashes on high pushes down her forehand


  • generally too much defending only which becomes too predictable on the long run
  • Forhand defending on heavy topspins occasionally return too high
  • has to develop more attacking skills (details below)
  • no great variety of serves
  • footwork could improve when confronted with topspins into her body


  • practise greater variety of serves
  • practise more attacking with forhand topspins on pushes down her forehand or middle of the table
  • practise counterspinning topspins down her forhand with heavy side spin when far off the table
  • practise disruptive “loops” with long pimples when confronted with repetitive pushes down her backhand
  • practise backhand topspins with pimples in  when confronted with repetitive pushes down her backhand
  • practise defending with deceptive “floats” on forehand with pimples in when confronted with heavy spin topspins