Game and skills analysis Josip HUZJAK (Croatia)

The following observations are of course my personal view and do not claim to be the “truth”!

Here comes Josip HUZJAK (Croatia):


  • constistent defending on backhand
  • good physical fitness
  • good consistent and choppy defending on forehand with long pips
  • good forehand topspin on pushes
  • good follow-up on initial forehand topspin
  • good twiddling of the bat, returning backhand pushes often with heavy backspin by using the pimples-in side of the bat


  • attitude problem: showing to often signs of resignation or discontent with what he is doing, thus building up self esteem with the opponent.
  • pushes too much, especially with backhand from almost all sides of the table
  • harmless, not to say boring serves with forehand
  • does not show any strategy when permanently confronted with pushes down his backhand
  • forehand push inconsistent, often goes off the table


  • should work on a positive and fighting attitude when playing
  • should definitely try to get greater variety in serving
  • should try to counter topspin on forehand side from time to time
  • should practice attacking or breaking the game on repetitive pushes down his backhand: Pushlifting the ball with pimples into various corners of the table. Topspinning with backhand like Ruben Filus and many other defenders