Exception to the rule: Game and skills analysis Stéphane Ouaiche (France)

To every rule there is an exception: Normally I only present here real defensive style players. Having seen this attacker, Stéphane Ouaiche, who won the national French Championships in 2014 inspired me to present him here. The main reason is that – even though playing attacking style – he more often uses defensive strokes than most of all other attackers and quite often he is winning the point because of this. I don’t make an analysis of his game. Just enjoy and see that defensive strokes breaking up the attacking game can also be a weapon for an attacker.




One thought on “Exception to the rule: Game and skills analysis Stéphane Ouaiche (France)”

  1. Sorry for “being a jerk” reply,

    Which part of Him is an attacker? 🙂

    But, to be able to mix all sort of strokes, Even long range chops, In my eyes He sorta like a Long Range Waldner. 🙂

    I am wondering what made French got so many “unique” players (Ouaiche, Debruyeres, Eloi, etc).

    I am sure I can learn a lot from Ouaiche’s videos here.

    Anyway, thanks for great video!!!

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