Game and skills analysis Aleksandr Lushin (Estonia)

The following observations are of course my personal view and do not claim to be the “truth”!

Here comes Aleksandr Lushin (Estonia):


  • Good forehand and backhand serves
  • Good forehand topspin
  • Very choppy pushes and chops with forehand presumingly due to a very sticky forehand rubber. This has the advantage of being able to generate a lot of backspin when pushing and chopping form a wellplaced position. The disadvantage is a higher vulnerability if confronted with slow and very spinny topspins (ball goes up too high or off the table)
  • unusual and interesting habit of taking serves into his backhand with the forehand being able to generate a lot of backspin
  • sometimer he realizes forehand sidespin chops à la CHTCHETININE  which are heavily loaded and win him direct points
  • good twiddling of the bat thus using rubber in when pushing with backhand (preventing fast topspins on his pimples out)


  • forehand chop often goes too high or off the table. Still too inconsistant
  • footwork could still improve, often not ideally placed for defending even though he has time enough to move to a better positon
  • Backhand defense also not consistent enough and goes up too high too often
  • sometimes overusing pushes with pimples-in on both sides thus getting the opponent too much used to always spin the ball up
  • in his match against Cassin (France) he doesn’t seem to believe in his defending qualities and played to many half-hearted attack strokes.


  • Should not take too often serves into his backhand with forehand. Too often punishes by fast topspin down the line into his forehand
  • Should work a bit on the power of his first topspin. It’s quite consistent but could have a bit more pace.
  • Should absolutely learn to use long pips when defending slow and spinny topspins down his forehand (I can not stress often enough that this is a really good weapon against good attackers widely underused by many defenders) or at least to let the ball come down much lower when using pips in.
  • generally he should let topspins go down lower before chopping them back.
  • also he should try to chop back the ball when confronted with smashes down his backhand instead of lifting the ball up with pips in, loosing the rally most of the time in this case

5 thoughts on “Game and skills analysis Aleksandr Lushin (Estonia)”

  1. like always, very good analysis(!) of the player,… found also a youtube-link where he is playing with Estonia Qualification EM 2012 against Denmark, there he played vs Michael Maize,… looks a little like “David vs Goliath”…

      1. Super, thanks! if you compare videos from 2012 and 2014 you can see a very good progress not only physically. So at the match against Maize he was only(!) 15 years old… By the way if you want to search the Estonian player in worldranking you can find him under “LUSIN Aleksandr” (WR-2014-Aug: 558)
        Keep on!

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