Game and skills analysis John Hilton (England)

In the category of “Retired Masters” I don’t do any analysis.  I added them just for the record. Only for those who don’t Know the history: In the eighties you were allowed to play with unicolour bat on both side. This was giving John Hilton a big advantage since the opponent could not see the difference between Anti-spin-rubber and sticky rubber in. You could only here it. But at the time not only John stumbled with his feet everytime touching the ball trying to prevent the opponent from hearing the difference. Rightly ITTF changed the rules in favor of two colour blades fearing that a “minority sport” like table tennis will  even lose more spectators disliking to see presumably unforced errors. Also you can observe the “unfair” advantage of a serve played right out of the palm of the hand (without throwing up the ball at all).

Simply enjoy some of the videos

Here comes John Hilton (England):



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