Game and skills analysis Kentaro Miuchi (Japan)

The following observations are of course my personal view and do not claim to be the “truth”!

Here comes Kentaro Miuchi (Japan):



  • very good footwork
  • nice twiddling of the bat
  • good backhand topspin with pimples in
  • good forehand topspin against push
  • good forehand serves
  • nice defending with long pimples on forehand when needed
  • good and very consistent forehand counter topspin


  • problems returning tricky serves, often giving the ball back too high
  • is going back from the table too early thus being forced to push short pushes back to high with too low spin
  • has problems winning the rally when confronted with “balloon”-defense (long high balls from far away off the table)
  • forehand push ball doesn’t have enough chop/backspin
  • counter topspin from behind the table sometimes too slow to cause problems for the attacker
  • Forehand block from midrange too slow to put opponent into trouble


  • should work on return on serves and pushing forehand with heavier chop to prevent attacker from getting in too easily with hammer topspin
  • should use pimples in more often to chop fast and heavy down the backhand of opponent when confronted with pushes down his backhand
  • should work on faster counter topspins from far behind the table (as Joo Sae Hyuk does) or with much more side spin (as Hou Yingchao does)
  • should practise “killing” the ball when confronted with high “loops”