Game and skills analysis Gustavo YOKOTA (Brazil):

The following observations are of course my personal view and do not claim to be the “truth”!

Here comes Gustavo YOKOTA (Brazil):





  • very good footwork
  • nice backhand defending with heavy chop with pimples
  • nice twiddling of the bat using pimples in when pushing the ball into the backhand of opponent
  • good and consistent forehand topspin with heavy spin
  • good variety of serves


  • backhand defending on fast topspins could be more consistent , nearly all defending on this goes off the table (not into the net). This is why his long pips rubber seems to fast to me
  • push with pimples bounced high quite often. This will be punished by better players as you can see in the third video
  • forehand topspin often too slow to win the rally early
  • forehand counter topspin too inconsistent, should consider defending more on forehand
  • too much attacking only on forehand, never defends on forehand which would occasionally make sense
  • often goes back too early from the table
  • Serves sometimes bounces too long which is punished by fast topspins from better players.


  • practise short serves
  • practise forehand defending especially with long pimples
  • try to get into attacking mode with backhand either pushlifting with long pimples or heavy spin with pimples in