Game and skills analysis Stanislav Kucera (Czech Republic)

The following observations are of course my personal view and do not claim to be the “truth”!

Here comes Stanislav Kucera (Czech Republic):


  • good footwork
  • very good fighting spirit
  • nice use of long pips when forehand defending (still too high too often, but this is correctable)
  • very good spontaneous and surprising blocking with backhand pimples in rubber
  • nice backhand topspin
  • good forehand counter topspin


  • generally returning defense balls too high and often not “choppy” enough. This is due to the fact that he either takes on the topspin too high instead of letting it go down further or that he is not chopping hard enough through the ball when taking it higher
  • backhand defence ball often not choppy enough due to a technique issue: He is rather pushing/floating the ball with the pips rather than cutting through “underneathe” the ball to give it more rotation
  • not showing variety of forehand servers
  • pushes with long pips bounce too high (maybe wrong choice of material here, but hard to say at this stage)
  • forehand topspin on pushes good be more consistent or faster


  • could use more wrist in chopping and pushing
  • should get greater variety of forehand serves