Game and skills analysis CHOI Moonyoung (Korea)

The following observations are of course my personal view and do not claim to be the “truth”!

Here comes CHOI Moonyoung (Korea):

This is the only video I currently found and may not be very representative since the attacker is using short pips on the forehand which is always very awkward for 3 reasons:

  • you don’t get real and normal topspins as expected but just “lifted” ball which are difficult to defend and difficult to attack
  • very often those players are very good at smashing pushes and defence balls. Defendig fast hits is always more tricky than defending topspins
  • when the attacker plays a push/stop-ball the ball generally gets topspin in the other direction and the defenders tends to put the next push off the table as you can also see in this video


  • good general physical fitness
  • good but not very consistent backhand defending
  • good forehand topspin on pushes and topspins down her forehand


  • too vulnerable on “pseudo” or “empty” topspins=topspins with nearly no topspin. She puts them too often into the net.
  • too much backhand serves of same style
  • too inconsistent in forehand defending and pushing
  • too vulnerable on sidespin serves


  • practise more consistent defending on various topspins
  • practise greater variety of serves
  • attack more often with forehand
  • learn to break up the game by push-lifting the ball with long pips on backhand or even learn backhand topspin on pushes