Game and skills analysis LIU Fei (China)

The following observations are of course my personal view and do not claim to be the “truth”!

Here comes  LIU Fei (China):

This is a great one:


  • good footwork and general physical fitness
  • very good, low and consistent forhand defending with pips-in rubber which is very rare in female table tennis.
  • forehand push with pips-in is very choppy producing a lot of first topspin errors by the opponent
  • backhand defence also very low and choppy


  • generally too much defence only, nearly no attacking capabilities shown over whole match
  • too many backhand serves of same style and placement


  • absolutely needs to work on attacking capabilities, especially forehand topspin on pushes down her middle or forehand
  • also counter topspins or aggressive blocks from behind the table with forehand need to be developed, same as most of male defenders and also female players as Wu Yang f.e

5 thoughts on “Game and skills analysis LIU Fei (China)”

  1. Hi Markus

    Fei Liu war ein einziges Mal am Start eines Tourniers der Pros. Sie spielte 2014 an den Qatar Open und landete sehr schnell im Achtelfinale. Das ITTF hat sie im Mai gleich mit 2562 Punkten an die Position 26 der Weltrangliste gesetzt. Weil sie seit den Qatar Open nicht mehr an internationalen Wettkämpfen gespielt hat, ist sie mittlerweile wieder weg vom internationalen Ranking. Ich konnte zwei Videos mit ihr von der itTV-Site recorden: und im Doppel mit HU Limei

    Liebe Grüsse

  2. I am very sad, that Lui Fei is not playing anymore on international scene,… maybe she reads this and comes back,… 加油 !!!

    1. Liu Fei read the comments and is coming back 😉 ! She entered for GERMAN Open 2015 (and is also playing defender-double with WU Yang…!)

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