Game and skills analysis Fabian Akerström (SWE) – Exception to the rule

The following observations are of course my personal view and do not claim to be the “truth”!

Here comes Fabian Akerström (SWE): I make an exception to the rule here, since in principal Akerström is not a defender in the traditional sense, but an attacker or allrounder which uses long pips and twiddling to break up the game, occasionally defend and thus confuse the attacker.


  • good forehand topspin
  • good stopblocking topspins down his backhand thus creating short bouces with lots of backspin
  • good deceptive use of long pimples in all situations: pushlifting, pushing with topspin, defending with heavy backspin
  • very complete versatile playing style and nice twiddling of the bat
  • good backhand topspin
  • good use of long pips when returning serves into his forehand
  • good deceptive serves with forehand (heavy chop and no chop looking the same)


  • the limitation of long pips in attacking style is also the main weakness: You can’t really block fast topspins close to the table. The ball will either float back far off the table or simply slip through the bat. Already slight changes of the blocking angle have heavy impact on where the ball goes.
  • once the opponent has played him a couple of times it becomes more difficult since the pips will have less impact when pushing the ball back
  • defend generally too high when far off the table because he is standing upgright instead of bending down his knees more


  • Should practice defending properly when forced back from the table both backhand and forehand with long pips
  • learn to use more wrist when chopping slow and spinny topspins
  • show get to the habit of going down into his legs when forced to defend from far away of the table.