Game and skills analysis Roman Rezetka (Slovakia)

The following observations are of course my personal view and do not claim to be the “truth”!

Here comes Roman Rezetka (Slovakia):


  • Very Good footwork
  • good positive fighting spirit
  • backhand defense quite choppy when got it right
  • good use of long pips taking serves early or push lifting the ball into awkward corner for the opponent


  • Technical issues: Forehand topspins needs to be longer movement and more dynamic, too short arm movement without use of wrist.
  • No use of wrist when taking ball to high and trying to defend leads to ball coming back much too high
  • no use of long pips for defending on forehand
  • nearly never defends on forehand almost tries to block every topspin down his forehand
  • no great variety of serves
  • Tries to attack too often with forehand when it makes no sense or is too risky


  • Generally: Get more wrist agility
  • improve and practise forehand tospin, especially counterspin from far behind the table
  • get greater variety of serves
  • learn to chop on forehand with both pips in and long pips
  • learn to heavy chop with pips in on backhand pushes down his backhand
  • practise defending ball in a lower position or with more heavy chop by use of wrist