Game and skills analysis Li Qian (POL)

The following observations are of course my personal view and do not claim to be the “truth”!

Here comes Li Qian (POL):


  • consistent defending on backhand with long pips
  • very good physically fitness with some limitations though (see below)
  • good attacking quality with long pips on backhand on high pushes or slow blocks
  • good backhand serves


  • forehand attacking quality too poor especially topspin
  • defence on both backhand and forehand still often goes up too high
  • forehand defence ball taken too high when confronted with very spinny topspin
  • forehand push and defence ball is generally not choppy enough (not enough use of wrist)
  • a lot of unnecessary “hopping” between ball contacts thus waisting energy and risking not having the legs touching ground when needed
  • places the ball still too often down the middle making it too easy for opponent to attack with forehand
  • There seems to be a physical limitation where it is not clear to me whether that is hereditary or just a bad habit: Here arms and legs seem to be a little “glued” to the center of the body where as they should be much more flexible.


  • practise more versatile serves also with forehand
  • practise more dynamic forehand topspin on pushes
  • try counter topspinning from far behind the table with side spin
  • test twiddling the bat when pushing to try to force unforced errors
  • try to “loosen” arms and legs somehow from behind to close to body when playing
  • try to get rid of “hopping” between rallies (probably not possible, I know)