Game and skills analysis Elena Dubkova (BLR)

The following observations are of course my personal view and do not claim to be the “truth”!

Here comes Elena Dubkova (BLR):



  • good footwork
  • very consistent defending on backhand
  • good defending on forehand
  • good backhand serves
  • consistent forehand attacking on pushes (though not tremendously rapid or spinny)


  • generally defending too much and playing too predictable
  • forehand defence occasionally goes up too high
  • forehand pushes not choppy enough
  • serves tend to be “security serves” (make sure that opponent doesn’t attack on serve immediately)


  • learn to twiddle the bat
  • practise attacking/pushlifting the ball with pimples from backhand side
  • counter attack from far behind the table with forehand topspin
  • occasionally use long pips on forehand side to defend on slow but “loaded” topspins
  • push less on forehand and try to attack more often with forehand
  • should also practise more dangerous serves giving her option to attack right after the serve