Game and skills analysis Aikaterini TOLIOU (GRE)

The following observations are of course my personal view and do not claim to be the “truth”!

Here comes Aikaterini TOLIOU (GRE)): Not much to say from just one video!



  • good footwork
  • good fighting spirit (didn’t give up after being down 0:3)
  • nice use of long pips to attack on pushes with backhand


  • defending generally could be more consistent on both sides
  • problems when confronted with balls played into her body
  • hugh problems when confronted with slow topspins into her forehand (often puts them back off the table or far too high)
  • too many backhand security serves
  • goes far off the table too early and often without need
  • footwork and body placement: She often advances her right leg as if she knows that the ball could only come to her backhand thus blocking her forehand completely


  • practise versatile serves especially also with forehand
  • forehand defence should get more constistent, lower and with more chop
  • should practise more attacking with forehand in all kind of situations: against pushes, from far behind the table etc.
  • should practise defending balls played into her body with backhand and quick lateral footwork.
  • maybe she should learn to use defending with long pips on forehand if getting ball low and consistently with pips-in doesn’t work out