Game and skills analysis Nicolas Champod (SUI)

The following observations are of course my personal view and do not claim to be the “truth”!

Here comes Nicolas Champod (SUI):


  • good physical fitness
  • nice twiddling of the bat
  • good use of long pips for messing up the game of the attacker
  • quite versatile style
  • good use of pips in when pushing with backhand
  • good variety of serves
  • good fighting spirit


  • The way he holds the bat! Forefinger too much on middle of the rubber preventing optimal use of wrist when chopping with backhand and dynamic forehand topspin. I know: changing long lasting habits is nearly impossible, but if not the disadvantages will prevail!
  • long pips seem to have no sponge. This means chop is generally not choppy enough, goes up too easily and pushes bounce too high!
  • no defending with forehand
  • forehand push not choppy enough due to grip issue


  • change grip
  • consider using long pips with sponge.
  • consider occassional chop with forehand with both sides of the bat
  • practise defending with forehand and pushing with more backspin with forehand