Game and skills analysis Jonah Schlie (GER)

The following observations are of course my personal view and do not claim to be the “truth”!

Here comes Jonah Schlie  (GER): I see great potential here!


  • nice twiddling of the bat, good use of pimples in to push with backhand
  • quite versatile playing style (occasional blocks and topspins with backhand etc.)
  • very good footwork
  • very good forehand counter topspin
  • good consistent defending with pimples on backhand
  • good backhand serves


  • few forehand serves
  • no use of pimples on backhand to “mess up” the game when receiving pushes into backhand
  • forehand defence and pushes not choppy enough, but not “empty” enough to be a deceptive float
  • no use of pimples on forehand on heavy loaded topspins down his forehand
  • too often just lifting the ball back from forehand (like Filus) instead of defending or heavy counter topspin


  • work a bit on forehand serves
  • try to occasionally use pimples on forehand when chopping on very spinny topspins
  • try to place ball more often into awkward corners especially when playing lefthanders (into their backhand)