Game and skills analysis Gustaf Ericson (SWE)

The following observations are of course my personal view and do not claim to be the “truth”!

Here comes Gustaf Ericson (SWE):

Strengths :

  • very versatile and unpredictable playing style. Generally very impressing!
  • good footwork
  • good forehand topspin
  • very good backhand topspin both on pushes and slow topspins
  • quite a variety of serves on both forehand and backhand
  • one of the few making use of long pips on forehand when chopping
  • good backhand defence
  • nice use of the long pimples when taking serves or messing up game on pushes of opponent
  • nice twiddling of the bat when it makes sense!


  • serves generally seem to be long all the time (disadvantageous when facing better players)
  • sometimes attacking too much and too “wild” with backhand from forehand side
  • trying to smash balls on forehand that are too low and should better be counter topspinned
  • forehand defense not seen much (hard to say how good it is when needed)


  • practice short serves
  • practice defending with wrist on backhand (wrist is a bit stiff when defending)
  • when facing better attackers not try to win points all the time by endless counterspinning on forehand (you will lose against better players). Rather defend once in a while.
  • not rely too much on backhand topspin from forehand side (better players will use “old lefthander tactics”: Play deep down his backhand until he moves there and then push long down forehand

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