Game and skills analysis Alina NIKITCHANKA (BLR)

The following observations are of course my personal view and do not claim to be the “truth”!

Here comes Alina NIKITCHANKA (BLR) :


  • good backhand block with pimples down the line
  • quite choppy forehand defence
  • good backhand serves


  • definetively too week attacking qualities, too much old school chopping only
  • goes back from the table too far and too early
  • back hand defense not consistent enough
  • “hopping” with body without need disadvantageous
  • bat grip issue: the way she grips the bat when defending (thumb middle on the forehand rubber side is disadvantageous if you get a fast topspin into the forehand
  • not chopping through the ball with forehand but “shoveling” around it. This will not work against better topspins and the ball goes up too high.


  • improve general footwork
  • definitely practise more forehand attacking (topspin on pushes and counter topspin from far behind the table)
  • use forehand serves
  • stay closer to table

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