Game and skills analysis Kim Youjin (Korea)

The following observations are of course my personal view and do not claim to be the “truth”!

Here comes Kim Youjin (Korea):


  • good backhand defence/chop
  • good footwork
  • consistent pushing with forehand, also seem to be quite “choppy”
  • good variety of backhand serves


  • generally too much defending only.
  • forehand defence often come back too high. Technical issue: Like many female defenders she “shovels” round the ball instead of chopping or cutting  through the ball or trying a “float”
  • forehand topspin missing, especially when confronted with pushes down her forehand
  • no or few twiddling of the bat


  • generally she should try to get more versatile: Use forehand topspin more often, twiddle bat (use pips in to push from backhand side), use forehand serves, block unexpectly with backhand (either with long pips or pips-in according to the situation)
  • improve forehand defence against slow and spinny topspins by either using long pips to defend or taking the ball lower and chop it more than “shoveling” it back.